Sun Matrei
Sun Matrei

The SUN philosophy

From what were originally 'Pfarrwiese' (meadows) to the first development in the guise of the 'Sonnenhang' slope, to the SUN area today, there always has been and is movement and flux on the sunlit west slopes at the foot of Matrei's Klaunzerberg.Sun-Matrei is a unique blend of homeland, forward-thinking and "accepting" the new!

Originating from a concept devised by Friedl Ganzer, the SUN area is a living space for local people and visitors alike. Local families and their children have been living in the Classic and in the Design complex, and also in the new Tradition building, for many years, while holiday-makers can also enjoy this unique "family" ambience.

The exceptional architecture was also 'approved' by Friedl and shows that in the often conservative mountain areas of Tyrol "difference" is achievable. SUN retains beauty, enables the seemingly impossible and creates new ideas!

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