Sun Matrei
Sun Matrei

Getting to the SUN Matrei apartments

There are plenty of good, fast ways to get to Matrei.

- By car:

Matrei is situated on the Felbertauernstraße (B 108) and from Munich via Kitzbühel it takes 50 minutes via Pass Thurn and the Felbertauern. Coming from the south, Matrei is just 20 minutes from Lienz. From the Felbertauernstraße you get to SUN Matrei as follows

– to the Classic apartments:

from Felbertauern to get to in Matrei take the first exit on the right – continue for around 300m via Rauterplatz and the bridge which heads to Lienz – bear left straight after the school centre – at the end of this short street bear right – at Malerei Egger take a left and head for the sunny slope – at the next junction bear right, take the street which heads down and at the end of this road you will reach your destination = Classic SUN Matrei apartments.

For the SUN Design and SUN Tradition apartments:

coming from Felbertauern take the second exit for Matrei and bear right (coming from Lienz take the first exit on the left) – After around 150m take the first junction on the right and head for the town centre – after the supermarket on the right (Billa) half way down the street on the right you will see the brown facade of the SUN Design building 130 metres away – take the first or second street on the right, after the supermarket and you will then get to the SUN Design building – take the entrance at the underground parking area and let your holiday begin!

If the Felbertauernstraße is closed , alternative routes can be found here:

Diverted routes. Other options for getting here:

- Flights: If you book a holiday in East Tyrol, the closest airports are Innsbruck (approx. 2 hours away), Klagenfurt (approx. 2 hours away and Salzburg (approx. 2 hours away). You can also get to Matrei in Osttirol from Munich airport in around 2 1/2 hours.

- By train and bus: You can get to Kitzbühel by train and from there several bus services operate via the Felbertauern to Matrei in Osttirol. On the other hand, you can also take the train to Lienz where buses also run to Matrei. We are also happy to collect you from the train station in Lienz, or from the bus stop in Matrei.

SUN-Matrei on Google Maps:

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